AIT’s intERLab Plan

The concept of establishing a fixed location for the internet human resources development has been discussed and endorsed by leading Asia-Pacific Internet organizations at their AP*Retreat meeting at AIT in year 2000. Several leading research institutions in Asia-Pacific.Europe and the US have indicated their interests in forming up a network of support for intERLab research,training and education.

The core component of the laboratory will be on research activities. This will be achieved by maintaining excellent research facilities and staff,hosting visiting researchers and taking advantage of linkages with research laboratories worldwide. To accommodate the emerging impact of the Internet in development context, the laboratory will concentrate not only on technical issues but also on business and social aspects.

The main functions of intERLab are:

  • To concentrate on being the center with up-to-date information on the Internet development and related information of the region;
  • To provide training programs to enhance the skills of existing infrastructure engineers and technologists;
  • To educate policy makers and government employees of the applications of the Internet.
  • To update education specialists regarding e-learning technologies;
  • To raise the awareness of the development and social workers of the social impacts of the technology; and
  • To bring the new business practices and their legal implications to the attention of lawyers, business practitioners and professionals.