On March 2013, intERLab team with cooperation of Thai Network Information Center Foundation have organised the 3rd THNG Camp "Internet Technology for Society".

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CWMN principles of operation

One or more special nodes act as Internet Gateway (IG).When at least one IG node is operational, everyone can access the Internet

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TakNet – Community networking in Thailand

"The outlook is extremely positive and exciting. The N4D Lab via the EU RIFE project has funded 30 routers (TP-Link Arhcer C7 AC1750) to be installed in a new community nearby the Thai Samakee village over the coming year."

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TakNet Interview

The interview with TakNet’s users

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TakNet 1

A rural community wireless mesh network. A villager installing a customize wireless router for DUMBONet.


TakNet 2

A rural school wireless mesh network with an educational video-on-demand system


Chiang Rai MeshTV

An Educational Video-on-Demand System for a Rural Community Wireless Mesh Network. The volunters worked to prepare the wireless routers for field test.


TakNet 3

A rural community wireless mesh network. The volunteers are preparing mobile router for network deployment at Baan Mai Village.


TakNet 4

A rural community wireless mesh network. The local technician team are installing a pole with outdoor Mesh node for backbone network at Moo 1 village in Mae Tan.


TakNet 5

A rural community wireless mesh network. A local technician is measuring WiFi signal on the roof at Moo 1, Mae Kasa.