Authors' Instructions for ASIAN'98

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Flag Deadline

The proceeding will be published by Springer-Verlag an a LNCS volume. In order to have the proceeding published in time, we need to RECEIVE your camera-ready manuscript by September 17th. This is the FIRM DEADLINE. Any papers that will not make this deadline may not be included in the proceedings. For sending-hard copy, we strongly recommend to use international courier service.

Flag Page limit is 18 pages

Flag How to prepare your manuscript

The detailed instructions for the format of your manuscript can be found on Springer-Verlag site. Please follow the guideline specified in this document. The use of LaTeX (especially LaTeX2e) is recommended. In case you need to use any typesetting system other than those specified in the above document, please contact us immediately.

Flag What and how to send

  • A carefully packaged hard-copy of the manuscript and a signed copyright form.
    In filling out the copyright form, please write:
    • in the Conference/Book column
      4th Asian Computing Science Conference
    • in the Volume Editors column
      Jieh Hsiang and Atsushi Ohori
    Send them to the address:
    Atsushi Ohori
    Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
    Kyoto University
    Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8502 JAPAN
    Tel: +81 75 753-7216
    FAX: +81 75 753-7272
  • The files described in the above mentioned Springer document for electronic publication. Whenever possible, please follow the convention:
    • Name each file in the format: <the first author's last name>-<suffix if necessary>.<filetype>
      Eg: ohori.tex,, ohori.dvi, ohori-fig1.eps
    • Put all the file in a directory, create a single text file by tar + gzip + uuencode, and then send the resulting text file to and

Last Updated: 29 June 2007