21st Asian School on Computer Science

Title: Wireless networks: From theory to implementation

The purpose of this short course is to introduce students to the fundamental design issues of wireless networks. In the first part of the course the students will learn about theoretical aspects of wireless networks including resource allocation schemes for effective channel allocation, power control, transmission rate selection, as well as network capacity characterizations.

In the second part of the course, the students will learn about practical issues of wireless through an implementation and experimentation approach. The design issues of MAC algorithms as rate adaptation, power control, association, dynamic frequency selection will be considered and implementation methods will be studied based on an open source drivers platform. The use of wireless testbeds will be discussed as well as methods for efficient experimentation and evaluation of real-world implemented protocols. Finally, the remote access and control of wireless testbeds will be studied  through the use of testbed managerial tools (OMF, NITOS managerial tools).

Through studying the theoretical aspects of wireless networks as well as building protocols in a real platform, students will be able to understand the challenges in the design of wireless systems, the approaches that have been used today, as well as the open research issues in the field. The main goal of the course is for the students to get “hands-on” experience in the field of wireless networks, while in parallel, it will give the adequate theoretical background as well.

by Prof Thanasis Korakis < http://eeweb.poly.edu/~korakis/>

Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab) Training Room
Asian Institute of Technology, Km 42 Paholyothin Highway, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120


13-14 November 2010
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