20th Asian School on Computer Science

Date:   15-16 November 2009
Venue: B-108 AITCC, AIT, Thailand

Instructor: Giovanni Pau, UCLA, USA

Giovanni Pau is a Research Scientist at the Network Research Lab,   Computer Science Department, UCLA.  His research interests include vehicular networks and mobile computer network environments, including both wired and wireless (ad hoc) networks, with a focus on the design, implementation, and performance evaluation.

In 2008, Giovanni Pau and Paolo Lutterotti  are the Recipients of the 2008 Qualnet University Program award of Distinction at the “Qualnet World 2008” for the 2008 best innovation in Network Simulation.


The Asian School of Computer Science is conducted annually by Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. The purpose of the school is to provide short courses conducted by leading experts in the computer science fields enabling local participations from the Asia Pacific region.

The 20th Asian School is a pre-conference activity of AINTEC09.



Day One (November 15)

  • [ 9:00 - 12:30 ] Morning Session (3h + 30min break)
    • VANET Introduction and Applications
      • IEEE 802.11p intro
      • V2I v.s. V2V v.s. V2V2I
      • Applications: Safety, Patrolling, Entertainment, Infrastructure-Management (i.e. vehicular traffic management)
    • Characteristics of Vehicular Networks
      • Mobility, Connectivity, Urban v.s. Highway scenarios, network partitioning, density, radio range, propagation, etc.
    • Is the current Internet architecture suitable for VANET’s?
      • Review the internet architecture principles and highlight the assumption behind today’s Internet (i.e. full connectivity, etc) that do not hold in Vehicular Networks.
      • What are the new issues and challenges?
      • Which layers of the Internet Architecture need a twist?
  • [ 13:30 - 17:00 ] Afternoon Session (3h, +30 min break)
    • Discovery and Routing
      • Issues to Be addressed
      • Current Proposals (i.e. VADD, Directional Forwarding, GPSR Variations, Practical Vehicular Routing Protocol (PVRP), Location services, Dissemination techniques
    • Transport Layer
      • Issues to be addressed
      • Current Proposals: (i.e. TCP/Variation for Wireless, UDP+Ack, Bloom filter based protocols transport protocols.
    • Application Driven Protocols
      • Car Torrent, Mobi Eye, Code Torrent, etc.
    • Vanet Projects
      • CarTorrent, CVET (UCLA), CarTel, CaBerNet (MIT), MSR, Rutgers, Dieselnet Amherst, etc.
    • Vanet Tools
      • Simulation tools (DEMO)
      • Testbed Tools (DEMO)
    • Open Issues
  • Additional Informal Jamming Session (After Dinner)

Day Two (November 16)

  • [ 9:00 - 12:30 ] Morning Session (3h + 30 min break)
    • Delay Tolerant Networks Introduction and Applications
      • Concept of Challenged Network Environment
      • Niger, Mars what they have in common?
    • Implication on the current Internet
      • Applications
      • Naming
      • Routing
      • Transport
    • DTN Network Architecture (from IETF/DTNRG) - I
      • Naming
      • Message Abstraction
  • [ 13:30 - 17:00 ] Afternoon Session (3h, +30 min break)
    • DTN Network Architecture (from IETF/DTNRG) – II
      • Routing
      • Reliability and Authentication
    • DTN Projects
      • Intel Research, UCB, UCSB, Waterloo, Google, etc.
      • A vehicular Delay Tolerant Network (DieselNet/MaxProp)
      • Overview of the On Going research
    • Overview of the Reference Implementation by DTNRG

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