8th Asian School on Computer Science

Date : 15 - 20 December, 1995
Venue : Novotel Hotel, Rayong

An annual gathering of Asian computer science lecturers and researchers for an update on selected topics.

Parallel Computation: Prof Franco Preparata, Brown University, USA Models and Fundamental Techniques of Parallel Computation

  • Shared memory,networks, VLSI model, fine-grained/unboundel-size, coarse-grained/bounded-size.
  • Divide & conquer, Prefix computations, pointer-jumping, pipelining, inner/outer algorithmic structures, accelerating cascades, work-preserving speed-ups.

Parallel Languages Asynchronous Primitives, Jean-Jacques Levy,INRIA and Ecole Polytechnique, France

We review several paradigms for synchronisation in asynchronous programming languages.

  • Operational semantics of shared memory, locks, and atomicity.
  • Distributed memory and communication by channels. BIsimulations.
  • Pi-calculus, join-calculus and process mobility.

Synchronous Concurrent Programming in Esterel, Gerard Berry, Ecole de Mines, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Esterel is a concurrent language devoted to reactive systems: controllers, protocols, man-machine interfaces, digital circuits, etc. The lectures will focus on the following topics:

  • The basic perfect synchrony hypothesis on which all synchronous languages are based.
  • The design of the language and of its main preemption primitives.
  • The formal semantics.
  • The implementation through translation into hardware circuits or software programs.

Applications, program verification techniques, and relation with other synchronous languages will also be briefly discussed.

Registration : 25,000 B (course, travel BKK/Rayong/BKK, accomodation and food included)

Contact: acsc95@cs.ait.ac.th for further enquiries/registration

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