17th Asian School on Computer Science

Date : November 26-27, 2006
Venue : Room 202, AIT Conference Center, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand
Time : 10:00-17:00
Organized and Supported by : Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand)

The Asian School of Computer Science is conducted annually by Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand The purpose of the school is to provide short courses conducted by leading experts in the computer science fields enabling local participations from the Asia Pacific region.

The 17th Asian School on Computer Science is a two-days graduate course concentrating on the active research activities in Internet technology. ?

Title: Wireless and Sensor Networks

Target Audience: Lecturers, researchers, academic staff and graduate students

Resource Persons:
Jim Kurose, University of Massachusett, USA
Serge Fdida, University of Paris 6, France

Course outline:
Part 1: Wireless Networks

  1. Overview
    • Evolutions of wireless technologies and networks
    • General characteristics
    • Theory background : signal processing, information theory
  2. The Link Layer
    • Directional antenna, MIMO
    • WLAN framework: infrastructure(s), ad hoc
    • The wireless channel: impairments, hidden terminals
    • Access protocols: TDMA, CDMA, reservation, collision-resolution
    • Case studies: 802.11, MACAW, 802.16 (WiMax)
  3. Routing in Wireless networking:
    • Basic approaches: proactive and reactive
    • Case studies: DSR, AODV, OLSR
    • Mobility: mobile nodes, and mobile networks
    • Mobile IP and mobility management
  4. Transport protocols
    • TCP and UDP performance
    • Cross layer optimizations

Part 2: Sensor Networks

  1. Overview
  2. Applications: environmental, civil, industrial
  3. The sensor network as a network: power-aware MACs, routing, transport
  4. The sensor network as a database: data querying/storage
  5. The sensor network as a distributed system: in network-computation
  6. Case study: collaborative adaptive sensing of the atmosphere


Fee : The school's registration fee is USD 200*. Course materials, refreshments and lunches are included in this price. * early bird registration fee is USD 150, register before 15th October 2006.


Accommodation :
The recommended hotel is the AIT Conference Center which is within the AIT Campus. The hotel rate with American Breakfast (ABF) is as follows.


Room Type Price (USD)
Standard Single (Main Wing) : 35
Standard Double (Main Wing) : 40
Standard Single (Annex/New Wing) : 48
Standard Double (Annex/New Wing) : 53

The hotel reservation can be done through the online registration.


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Enquiries are welcome and can be made to Wit Hmone Tin Latt (info at interlab.ait.ac.th), +66-2-524-6611

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