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Presenter Guidelines

Submitting the presentation slides and video by the deadline indicated below, and attending your session(s) during the conference week is mandatory as it is considered as a replacement for the physical attendance requirement at the conference.

The submission deadline for all the materials is November 30th (Accepted Paper) and 5th December (Accepted Poster).

The presentation slides and videos will be accessible by only the conference participants during the conference. The slides and video will not be publicly available after the conference.

These guidelines apply to the main conference track and poster track.

What to Submit (Presenting in Person or Online)

  1. A recorded video (max 17 minutes, 400 MB or Accepted Paper and 5 minutes/100MB for Accepted Poster) providing an in-depth description of the work (slides with narration and optional head shot video (at least head-shot video at the beginning while introducing the presenter).
  2. The pdf (or pptx, max 50 MB) of the slides.

Submission Format

The video must be no longer than 17 minutes (Accepted Paper) and 5 minutes (Accepted Poster) in mp4 format. Video resolutions must be 720p or higher. Aspect ratio must be 16:9.
Subtitles are good to have, but optional (if they are available, they must be accurate and included as a separate track in the mp4 file, not burned-in).

How to Prepare the videos

Make sure to perform local recording with at least HD quality. Screen recording tools: There are a variety of (free/paid) screen recording tools for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. All platforms also have built-in software for screen recording (Mac/Windows/Linux).

Where to Submit

You can submit your video clips and slides here. If you need to revise your materials, let us know.

Click Here to Submit