Chiang-Rai MeshTV :

An Educational Video-on-Demand System for a Rural Community Wireless Mesh Network.

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Location: Location: Ban Huay Khom Akha, Chiangrai, Thailand
Village information: 507 households 1272 (Male 626, Female 646)
Village Area 1,500 rai. No ADSL internet Internet.

Deployment Strategy

Conceptually, our new community wireless mesh network will consist of a core backbone (the Nano's 5GHz point-to-point link and the three Unifi 2.4GHz core mesh nodes) and several access nodes (TP-Link nodes, each with 15GB video caching) grouped into three zones To update video contents, just put new video files to the Master content node (i.e. a Raspberry Pi node at the Mirror Foundation). The new video files will be disseminated to the other two Raspberry Pi nodes located in the village. From there, the video files will be further disseminated to each and every TP-Link node installed at the homes of villagers.

Actual Deployment

On March 2014, intERLab team with cooperation of Thai Network Information Center Foundation have organised the 4rd THNG Camp "Internet Technology for Society". 38 mobile routers with (E-VoD) system have been deployed by the volunteers of THNG Camp at the village.

Network Coverage Area 23,600 sq.m. 50 households Number of Member: 32

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