Low-cost Real-time Monitoring of Haze Air Quality Disasters
in Rural Communities in Thailand and Southeast Asia

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  YEAR 1:  
  To develop prototypes and test them in controlled and open conditions. In year one, we focus on technology development and selection. We aim to test a number of low-cost, commercially available sensor elements that are relevant to haze detection. Haze consists largely of very small particulate matters (PM). Other components of haze include carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Temperature, humidity, wind and rainfall also affect the severity of haze in a specific area. We also intend to look for reliable indicators of haze as well as impacts to rural citizen's health.  
  YEAR 2:  
  We will attempt to use the lessons learned from year one to build real-world field prototypes. In year 2, we will try to attract additional funding and investment to scale up our effort This may or may not result in a new technological startup company that can work more effectively to help deploy and detect haze problems as well as to make strong scientific contribution to regional IoT sciences.  
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