Network Monitoring and Management Workshop
Date :November 25 - 29, 2013 (Exclusive for TEIN4 Annual NOC)
Time : 9:00 -17:00
Course Fee :    Standard  : 45,000THB
  Early Bird  : 35,000THB
  APNIC, AIT Alumni, THNIC Members  : 30,000THB
    ( Early-bird registration fees must be paid before
  or on 25 October 2013 where as Standard registration
  fees must be paid before or on 25 November 2013
  by cheque or wire transfer payment. )

Venue : intERLab, AIT

Phil Regnauld, NSRC
Carlos Armas , NSRC
Chris Elliot
Hans Kuhn

Course Duration :5 Days 
Maximum Class Size: : 32

This workshop is designed for engineers and system staffs at ISPs and large networks including academic networks who are involved with system management, network monitoring and management and problem response. The course is for those who need to manage diverse Network and NOC operations. Please review the Agenda to see the topics to be covered. Labs constitute about 60% of the course.

  • A laptop with wireless capability
  • IPv4 addressing and general network concepts.
  • Knowledge of UNIX and/or Linux.

Required Software in Class:

PuTTY SSH client for Windows (SSH) Linux, UNIX (Mac OS) already have SSH installed


Day 1
  • Introductions, Workshop Details
  • Introduction to Network Monitoring and Management
  • Linux brief
  • Cisco IOS Configuration Basics
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
Day 2
  • Cacti - Graphing tool (incuding SNMP)
  • Observium - Automated Network Monitoring and discovery
  • Smokeping - Latency/Round? Trip Time, Jitter and packet loss monitor
Day 3
  • Nagios - Server and Service monitoring and alerting
  • Log (syslog) Management - Collecting logs and monitoring them for patterns
  • Documentation, NOCs and Netdot (Network Documentation Tool)
Day 4
  • Netdot
  • Netflow, NfSen? - traffic analysis and exploration
Day 5
  • RANCID: network equipment configuration backup, change tracking & automation
  • RT (Request Tracker): Ticketing systems for helpdesk / support
  • Integrating Nagios& Cacti with RT
  • Exam and certificates

Biography of instructor

Phil Regnauld is a Network engineer and Trainer for the NetworkStartup Resource Center (NSRC). On the side, Phil is a partner atbluepipe a/s, a small company offering development, network managementand DNS consultancy.

Since 1997, Phil has been participating in workshops around the world, including INET Workshops, AfNOG, APRICOT, SANOG, PacNOG, MENOG, ccTLD trainings around the globe.

At NSRC, Phil is helping with workshop planning, material development, teaching and Direct Engineering & Assistance, with a particular focus on helping RENs (Research & Education Networks) get built and running in Asia and Africa.

He currently sits on the technical advisory board of the .FR TLD registry (AFNIC).

Phil holds a bachelor degree of Computer Science from Université Paris V. In previous lives, Phil was a system and networks administrator for the Copenhagen Kingdom Hospital.

Since then he has designed large DNS and mail platforms for organizations in the Danish private and public sectors (healthcare, pharmaceutical and ISPs).

Carlos Armas is a network engineer and trainer for the NetworkStartup Resource Center (NSRC). Carlos is also a managing director at Roundtrip Networks Corp., an online services consultancy.

Carlos has been involved in network workshops and training since 1995, including INET and WALC. At NSRC Carlos helps with workshop planning, training material development, teaching and technical assistance.

Carlos holds a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from University of Havana/ISPJAE. For the last 5 years he has designed and operated data center and network services for over 20 start-up organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to working with Roundtrip Networks Carlos held technical management positions at several Silicon Valley-based companies including, ConsumerHealth Interactive, and He also served as network services consultant for the U.S. Arthritis Foundation.

Exclusive for TEIN4 Annual NOC (Please email for Registration)

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