WirelessU Workshop, "Wireless Internet for connectivity"
Date : 7 - 11 February 2011
Time : 9:00-17:00
Course Fee :    Standard  : 40,000 THB
  Early Bird  : 32,000 THB
    ( Early-bird registration fees must be paid before
  or on 15 January 2011 where as Standard registration
  fees must be paid before or on 11 February 2011
  by cheque or wire transfer payment. )

Venue : intERLab Training Center, AIT, Thailand
Sebastian Buettrich, NSRC [SB]
Steve Okay, Cisco Systems [SO]
Dr. Onno W. Purbo [OP]
Tenzin Gompo [TG]

Course Duration : 5 days

Content : (tentative)

               • Introduction to Wireless Networking
                       • Standards & Bands
                       • Topologies
                       • Radio Physics
               • Hardware
               • Wireless planning
                       • Maps, Radio Mobile
                       • Site survey
               • Long links
               • Antenna
               • Wireless Security
               • Mesh networking
               • Outdoor Installations
                       • incl Towers, Lightning Protection, PoE
               • VoIP
               • Wireless troubleshooting
               • Wireless essentials
               • Future wireless

                LABs: Basic AP Configuration• Antenna building• AP flashing
                               Mesh• Voice and Security

Supporting Organizations:
thnic-foundation-logo nsrc-n-logo

This WirelessU Workshop, "Wireless Internet for connectivity" is co-organized by AIT with support of NSRC, Wireless U, THNIC Foundation and NetworkTheWorld.org in order to provide participants hands-on experience on technologies and deploying wireless network in a campus or village environment. The workshop will focus on integrating various wireless services (e.g., VoIP) into the village and campus local area network (LAN). Overall, the workshop will help engineers to design, configure, troubleshoot and maintain small wireless networks in their NGO groups/villages, or campus networks.

This workshop has been motivated to make its participants knowledgeable on the following areas:
  • Introduction to wireless network basics, and hands-on experience with wireless technology. The participants will be provided ample knowledge to design a small campus/village network on their own.
  • Integrating VoIP service using wireless as transport medium with hands-on experience.
  • Introductory knowledge on some advanced wireless topics, such as Mesh Networking, Future Wireless etc.
  • As a whole, this workshop will help participants to design, configure, troubleshoot and maintain small wireless networks in their NGO groups/villages, or campus networks.

Target Audience:

IT staffs from Government and Non-Government Organiations, Humanitarian Foundations, Institutions, with basic knowledge and a few years experience in technologies and networking, and anyone who is interested in learning about wireless technologies

NSRC will send copies of the excellent O'Reilly Media book on Wireless for the participants, 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide, plus the Wireless Networking in the Developing World. Two of the authors of the WNDW book will be instructors in this workshop.

Schedule :
Session I 0830-1030
Break 1030-1100
Session II 1100-1300
Lunch 1300-1400
Session III 1400-1600
Break 1600-1630
Session IV 1630-1800


Agenda by Day
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Introduction to Wireless Networking
    • Standards & Bands
    • Topologies
    • Radio Physics
  • Hardware


  • Basic AP Configuration
  • Local cases
Tuesday Morning
  • Wireless planning
    • Maps, Radio Mobile
    • Site survey
  • Long links [SO]
  • Antennas


  • Antenna building

Social event / Party?

Wednesday Morning
  • Wireless Security
  • Mesh networking


  • AP flashing, Mesha
  • Security
Thursday Morning
  • Outdoor Installations [SO]
    • incl Towers, Lightning Protection, PoE
  • VoIP - short intro [SO, OP]
  • VoIP [SO, OP]


  • Mesh continued [SB]
  • VoIP [SO, OP]
  • DYI PoE on demand [SB]
Friday Morning
  • Putting it all together - Wrap up
  • Wireless troubleshooting
  • Wireless essentials
  • Future wireless


  • Open lab - depending on interests
  • Local cases - follow up: what have we learned, what can we improve?

Biography of instructor

Dr. Onno Purbo - withdrawn from Indonesian civil servant & retired lecturer, a maverick driven by a plain & simple vision to see an Indonesian knowledge based society, has been committing his time to write thousands articles, papers and 40+ books on Internet technology mostly in Indonesian language in attempting to educate the Indonesian on IT. In the process, he received several awards, including Sabattical Award from International Development Research Center (IDRC) in Canada. In the attempt, several alternative Internet technologies have been introduced and adopted by the Indonesian IT communities, such as, WiFi based Internet Infrastructure and VoIP MaverickNet. All of his articles are copylefted & can be freely downloaded from the Internet, such as, http://www.bogor.net/idkf and http://sandbox.bellanet.org/~onno/.

Retired Lecturer from Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) & Retired Indonesian Civil Servent. He is an Eisenhower Fellow & Ashoka Senior Fellow. In the last 20 years, dedicate his time to educate Indonesians on Information technology, open source , Internet Telephony & Low Cost "Wireless" Internet Access.
He has published 40+ books & thousands of articles in IT. He is active in 170+ mailing lists and moderate 10+ mailing lists. His vision is "To See Knowledge Based Society in Indonesia".

Most of his work can be downloaded from
http://www.telkomspeedy.com (Pojok Onno)

Detailed profile can be downloaded from

(en) http://www.idrc.ca/en/ev-89751-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html
(en) http://sandbox.bellanet.org/~onno/onno-purbo-idrc-sabbaticant-2004.pdf
(id) http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onno_W_Purbo
(id) http://www.ilmukomputer.com/penulis/penulis-onno.php
(id) http://asopian.blogspot.com/2001_09_01_asopian_archive.html

Sebastian Buettrich  works with (low cost) wireless technology, networking at large, free / open source software and solar energy, building networks, systems, skills and capacity within the areas above, as manager, developer, architect, consultant and teacher.

This work is focused on (but not limited to) developing and underprivileged countries and communities, especially in Asia and Africa. A recent focus area are Campus and NREN networks, and their global integration.

Currently, his affiliations are a.o.

* http://www.itu.dk - the IT University of Copenhagen, where he runs the Research Lab
* http://www.nsrc.org - the Network Startup Resource Center
* http://wire.less.dk - NGO and company co-founded with Tomas Krag
* http://wirelessU.org - a group of dedicated professionals working towards a world-wide, people-centered, inclusive Information Society
* Co-authoring the Wireless Networking in the Developing World book http://wndw.net

Sebastians academic background is in quantum physics, optics, radio spectroscopy and scientific programming.

Former positions include IT management in the net/web consultancy area and in nanotechnology software development (Atomistix). Outside IT, he loves and plays music, is fascinated and engaged with text, language and poetry in many forms. Sebastian is serving on the board of the "Center for Wisdom and Compassion", the danish center of the "Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT)".

Steve Okay A self-described "Geek-of-All-Trades", Stephen Okay has a background in UNIX Systems and Network Programming and Administration with experience in a number of diverse industries and fields such as air traffic control automation, 3D simulation & modeling, supercomputing, telecom&telephony, and several Silicon Valley startups. He has a strong interest in Free Software and Open Systems, particularly as it applies to wireless and mobile systems. 

He currently works as an employee at Cisco Systems on anti-spam & anti-phishing systems for their Security Technologies Business Unit. He is also  a volunteer in several organizations, each with a focus on ICT4D:

Inveneo ( http://www.inveneo.org)  - As Geek-At-Large, developing hardware and software systems, tools and techniques that help Inveneo accomplish its mission of providing acess to information and technology to underserved communities in remote parts of the world. 

ICTP  (http://wireless.ictp.it) -  Since 2004 as an Invited Lecturer and External Collaborator , teaching at numerous workshops and schools on wireless networking for the ARPL Lab at the Abdus Salam Int'l Center for Theoretical Physics as well as participating in a number of experiments in long-distance wireless links.  

NSRC (http://nsrc.org) - Trainer/Teacher.  Taught at the PIC-ISOC Conference workshop on Wireless Networking for Development in Papua New Guinea, September 2009. 

Wireless U (http://www.wirelessu.org) - Trainer with this group of professionals committed to working towards Information Society with global span and open to all. 

Steve is also a member of the Silicon Valley Homebrew Robotics Club and has built or helped build a number of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots:

When you can pull the keyboard or gadget out of his hands, he enjoys skating, snowboarding, playing the didgeridoo and reading about Earth History.

He lives in San Francisco, California, USA with his wife Andrea.


Certificate of paticipation, training materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please note that the places are limited and the registration will be on a "first come - first served" basis. If you have any further queries, please contact Mr. Esmond Esguerra at +66-2 524 5374 (for AIT internal user dial 6611 only) or email: training at interlab.ait.ac.th.

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