MPLS Network Design and Deployment Workshop


Due to unwanted weather and flood circumstances in Thailand, the Routing and MPLS Network Design and Deployment Workshops will be postponed until November 2011. Updates on reschedule date will be announced accordingly.


Thank you.

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Date : 12-14 January
Time : 9:00-17:00
Course Fee :    Standard  : 25,000 THB
  Early Bird  : 20,000 THB (TBA )
  THNIC member  : 20,000 THB
Venue : Shinawatra University Bangkok, Viphavadi-Rangsit Road, Thailand (Location Map )

In partnership with
 : Ng Seo Boon, - Cisco Systems Inc.
 : Vincent Ng, - Cisco Systems, - Cisco Systems Inc
Course Duration : 3 days
Max. Class size: 25


Good working knowledge of IP Routing in BGP and OSPF/ISIS. Ability to troubleshoot simple IP network is desired.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to MPLS - basic functionality and features, L3VPN, TE, L2VPN
  • Deploying MPLS VPN - L3 design and deployment, VRF, VRF aware features (NAT, FW, IPSEC), remote access to VPN's, QOS, Enterprise and Campus VPN's
  • Traffic Engineering - functionality, tunnel models for bandwidth control and path protection
  • CEs deployment - How to build large enterprize network over MPLS cloud
  • MPLS security - Issues pertaining to MPLS security
  • L2 VPN's - Types and functionality for EoMPLS, AToM, VPLS, L2TPV3
  • Troubleshooting MPLS - LDP, RIB, FIB, MP-BGP for VPN's, L2VPN

Biography of instructor

Ng Seo Boon - is a Network Consulting Engineer working for the Cisco System's for the past nine years. Armed with 15 years of working experience and based in Singapore, his primary responsibility is to provides support and consulting services to Cisco telco based customers. Seo Boon is conversant in large IP network design, maintenance and troubleshooting. He has good grasp on all aspect of TCP/IP both in routing (BGP/IS-IS) and operational deployments of network. His current interest lies in designing large scalable IP routing network. He also has keen interest in the area covering Internet Service provider security.

Today, Seo Boon's main role is to support of large Internet service providers in China. He provides consulting and advisory services to these customer in designing, implementation, optimization and maintenance of their IP networks. His main focus currently is to identify network operational on large IP network and propose workable solutions. He is also a strong advocate of maintaining the network through automated approaches (open source scripting).

Beside his regular role as a consulting engineers, Seo Boon also teaches classes on ISP routing and conduct ISP security workshop within the AP region. Seo Boon regular participate in APRICOT forum regularly and also do occasional presentation at Cisco Networkers.

Seo Boon joined Cisco from Singapore Telecommunications Pte Ltd in 2000, where he was a Senior Network Engineer overseeing the planning and operation of the IP network in Singapore. His primary role includes planning and design of the largest IP network in the organisation. He streamlines the operation by introducing open source network management tools to reduce cost and improve efficiency of the operation teams. Capacity planning and scaling of IP network is part of other challenging tasks that he undertakes. Formulation of network peering policies for the organisation helps him builds his social context in the networking community.

Vincent Ng - Vincent Ng is a Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco’s Core Technology Group, and is responsible for the CRS-1, XR12000 and ASR9000 Routers. He supports the Asia Pacific region and his focus is on IP/MPLS core routing technologies.

Vincent has been in the internetworking industry for over 10 years and joined Cisco in 1999. Prior to Cisco, he has held several Consulting and Project Management positions for Equant, Ascom Timeplex and Dowty, and he has got his CCIE since 1996.

Certificate of paticipation, training materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please note that the places are limited and the registration will be on a "first come - first served" basis. If you have any further queries, please email Mr. Esmond Esguerra email: training at

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