We are pleased to inform you of the Internship programs for engineers from new members of TEIN3, which is a part of the TEIN3 HRD Programme for 2012.

TEIN3 HRD Internship Program

The Internship Program aims to continue and promote mentoring relationship among members, and encourage new members to send their engineers for a month-long internship to expose themselves to activities of other NRENs and learn from their activities, and be able to apply and develop the same atmosphere back in their home countries.

The internship program is for one (1) month which is expected to commence on July 2012. Weekly activities report is to be submitted by interns and all reports will be published/ uploaded onto the website . After the internship program is completed, a comprehensive final report must be submitted by interns and hosting NRENs.

The host NREN will receive 1,000 Euros for each intern and TEIN3 HRD Programme will cover the expenses of interns and which includes:

Further, we are pleased to announce that three (3) engineers are granted the TEIN3 Internship Program and will be sent to the corresponding NRENs below: