We are pleased to inform you that TEIN3 will support 2011 HRD Training Programme as follows.


Support for APRICOT/ APAN/ SANOG and intERLab training workshops attendance -- based on interests

2 Full Supports (Registration Fees + Diems + Travels) and 3 Partial Support (Registration Fees + Diems ONLY)

32nd APAN will be held in India on July/August 2011. The rate for Diem is Euro 80/night, Roundtrip Economy Airfare (Refer to Travel Support ) and Maximum claimable Diems is 5 during training/ workshop period.

SANOG 18 in Pokhara, Nepal will be held from 8-16 September 2011, rate for Diem is Euro 80/night, Roundtrip Economy Airfare (Refer to Travel Support) and Maximum claimable Diem is 5 during training/workshop period.

Kindly return the completed Expression of Interest form to us together with CVs of nominated staffs by 1 January 2011. Please send your EOIs as soon as possible. The confirmation and selection of nominees will be made upon receipt of completed CVs of nominees.

NOTE (for reimbursement procedures):
The reimbursement procedures for trip expenses by DANTE is changed. No 7% admin overhead will be allowed starting from 2009. No individual reimbursement will be accepted in order to save certain amount of time and ease the administrative burden on DANTE for handling many individuals claimed separately. All claims must be completed through attendees' NRENs and a compiled/ single claim form (making many individuals into one) can be only sent for reimbursement with complete supporting documents such as original airfare receipts, inward/outward boarding passes and correct bank account in order to avoid any delays and confusions during transfer.

Travel Support:
For those travelling under FULL Support please refer to the following economy airfare ceiling reimbursable rates:

Group A: ID, MY, TH, KH, LA, VN, PH
Group B: BD, LK, PK, IN, BT, NP

Travel within Groups A&B: 500 Euros
Travel Across Groups A&B: 750 Euros

Example:    TH delegate to travel to HK is Within Groups, travel support Max: 500Euros
                  TH delegate travels to India is Across Groups, travel support Max: 750Euros


These activities have ecome a regular activity for TEIN3 members where each member can plan their own HRD by sending their staff to attend hands-on workshops being offered by APRICOT, APAN and SANOG workshops and intERLab training.

Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab) in Asian institute of Technology shall administer the support for the workshops as part of the Training Services Agreement between DANTE and intERLab, AIT.


The TEIN3 NOC Annual Meeting is targeted at providing a venue for an improvement of operational servixes of NOCs in order to bring them all to the level qualified for the operation/management network and/or the support of TEIN3 applications. The meeting will consist of parallel sessions of working group meetings and workshops. Network operation personnel and managers from the TEIN beneficiary countries will meet within their working group workshop to plan their collaborations and follow-up activities. Annual report of their working group is to be made to the general meeting forum.


TEIN3 Application workshops are:

  • New and innovative collaborations or enhancements on existing collaborations with the involvement of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in at least 2 of the aforementioned TEIN3 beneficiary countries.
  • Project development plan for future collaborations should be included in the proposal with a clear time line.
  • Proposed applications in new application areas as well as proposed enhancements of existing collaborative applications with a potentially significant impact will be given special consideration.
  • Proposed applications/projects must of non-commercial nature.
  • Conducted during the course of 2011 while, the actual collaborative activities on TEIN3 can commence or be conducted in 2012.
  • Co-located as a satellite event of existing meetings/conferences in the region, such as APAN and TEIN3 NOC Annual Workshops.

Four (4) Application Workshops are approved and will be held in 2011:

  1. SIP Application Workshop by AARNET and MYREN
  2. Implementing VClass LMS for Enabling Learning Environment among TEIN3 Member Countries by NREN and CanalAVIST
  3. 'Sharing for Life' over the TEIN Network using HD Video Streaming Applications by NREN and CanalAVIST
  4. Scaling-up Disaster Risk Management Technologies in Asia using TEIN by ASTI