We are pleased to inform you that TEIN3 will support 2010 HRD Training Programme as follows.

Support for APRICOT/ APAN/ SANOG and intERLab training workshops attendance -- based on interests

4 Full Supports (Registration Fees + Diems + Travels) and 3 Partial Support (Registration Fees + Diems ONLY)

The 30th APAN in Vietnam will be held from 9 to 13 August 2010. For Thailand and Vietnam, the rate for Diem is Euro 75/ night, Roundtrip Economy Airfare (Max. Euro 500) and Max. claimable Diem is 5 during training/ workshop period.

Since APAN 29, APRICOT and SANOG are completed events, we are still open to receiving interests for support for APAN 30 (Hanoi, Vietnam) and intERLab Trainings. Please see schedule in the attached EOI form. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have further queries regarding the above.

NOTE (for reimbursement procedures):
The reimbursement procedures for trip expenses by DANTE is changed. No 7% admin overhead will be allowed starting from 2009. No individual reimbursement will be accepted in order to save certain amount of time and ease the administrative burden on DANTE for handling many individuals claimed separately. All claims must be completed through attendees' NRENs and a compiled/ single claim form (making many individuals into one) can be only sent for reimbursement with complete supporting documents such as original airfare receipts, inward/outward boarding passes and correct bank account in order to avoid any delays and confusions during transfer.