Pledge of Help

You can contact us at sec [@] for any help you can give.

intERLab would like to thank the following organizations/individuals for helping us during and after the flood.
    1. for space (Our current office)
    2. Server to be able to read our hard drive(SCSI)
  2. THNIC
    1. for loans of equipment (projector)
  3. WIDE project
    1. use WIDE cloud(Given us 4 Virtual Servers)
  4. intERLab Alumni
    1. for offering help in the cleaning up
  5. Shinnawatra International University
    1. became our partner for 2 training workshops (MPLS and Routing) and offering us training rooms due to flooding
  6. Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
    1. Donating ARUBA WIFI system, WIFI Access points, Point-2-Point Wireless antenna and fibre splicing kits.
    2. Advice of Campus Network recovery
  7. Department of Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University
    1. Co-host of the 22nd Asian School on Computer Science due to flooding